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Curtis Fitzpatrick

Curtis Fitzpatrick grew up in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas but always wanted to end up in the Sooner State, where he has lived permanently since 1992.  Curtis is a longtime market veteran, beginning as a college intern in 1994…and has spent his entire professional career working in TV and radio in the Oklahoma City Market since graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1996. Curtis has been a part of The Sports Animals morning show since 2000 and also works with KOKH Fox 25 as a sports reporter and anchor.




Carey Murdock

Carey Murdock is the Owner & Publisher of, the largest independent website covering University of Oklahoma athletics. As a 16-year veteran of the local sports scene, Carey has become one of the leading beat writers covering OU football over those 16 years.

Carey has covered multiple BCS national football championships, two Heisman Trophy winners as well as the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder and league MVP Kevin Durant.

As a member The Morning Animals, Carey’s breaking news and serious journalism can often conflict with his brash humor and wise-cracking ways. But it all comes together to form one of Oklahoma City’s top-rated morning shows.


Phil Inzinga

Phil Inzinga, Executive Producer and co-host of The Morning Animals, has been a top tier talent in Oklahoma City since 2002. Phil is also a co-host on the afternoon show with Spinozi on 96-9 BOB FM, weekdays from 4p-6p.

Prior to his stint in OKC, he has worked in Chicago, Charleston and Miami. Phil is active in the Autism community in Oklahoma and is a huge supporter of Autism Oklahoma. Phil has been married for over 20 years to his wife Sharon and they have two children; Maggie & Max.


Spinozi (AKA Ron Benton)

Spinozi is one of the co-hosts of The Morning Animals on WWLS The Sports Animal from 5:30a-9:00a.

Spinozi is multi-talented and his love of classic rock allows him to co-host the afternoon show with Inzinga on 96-9 BOB FM, weekdays from 4p-6p.

Spinozi moved to Oklahoma City from his hometown of Baltimore in 1994 thinking he’d be here for about 5 minutes but just fell in love with the place! And 21 years later, he’s still here!

“Except for the tornados, earthquakes and droughts, it’s seriously a great place to live,” says Spinozi.  “The people are absolutely amazing!”